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Tips to Keeping the Weight Off in 2024

Think you might need tips to keeping the weight off in 2024? Losing weight can feel like an uphill battle, but maintaining those results long-term may seem even more challenging. If you’ve successfully shed pounds in the past only to see them gradually return, you’re not alone. At Coastal Medical and Vitality, we know that sustaining a healthy lifestyle requires ongoing commitment and the right strategies.

Our team of medical professionals, dietitians and trainers is dedicated to helping clients achieve their weight loss goals and keep excess weight from returning. As a premier medical weight loss provider based in Stuart, Florida, we understand that lasting weight management takes more than just motivation during a short-term program. It requires developing new habits and skills that you can rely on for years to come.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most effective tips backed by research for maintaining weight loss success throughout 2024 and beyond. From nutrition and exercise tactics to advanced technology and support services, we’ll provide the tools and resources you need here in Stuart and the surrounding communities to stay on track long-term in your weight loss journey. Your health and well-being are our top priority.

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Maintain an Effective Exercise Routine

Making physical activity a regular part of your schedule is key to keeping the pounds off for good. But finding time to work out and sticking with an exercise plan can be a challenge, especially as the busy holiday season approaches. Here are some tips for building and maintaining an enjoyable fitness routine throughout the new year.

The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week. To make this more manageable, consider breaking it into smaller chunks throughout your days. Opt for a 30-minute walk at lunch, some yoga in the morning before work, and join one of our group fitness classes on Saturdays. Any amount of movement is better than none at all.

Variety is also important for both motivation and results. Instead of hitting the treadmill seven days a week, mix it up with activities you genuinely enjoy like swimming laps, taking a dance class, or biking around your neighborhood. Our certified trainers can help you develop a weekly schedule that incorporates different types of workouts.

  • Schedule your workouts on a calendar just like any other commitment so you’re less likely to skip them.
  • Recruit an accountability buddy to exercise with for added encouragement and fun.
  • Download a fitness app on your phone to log your progress and earn badges for accomplishments.
  • Reward yourself after hitting certain milestones like a new personal best or completing your first 5K to associate positive feelings with your routine.
  • Most importantly, focus on how your body feels rather than numbers on a scale. Muscle mass can show weight gain. Notice increased strength, endurance and flexibility over time. Also, the way your clothes feel differently.

While consistency is important, also permit yourself to take an occasional break without feeling guilty. Life happens, so listen to your body and recover when needed. The goal is to develop sustainable habits, not short-term perfection. Our supportive community is here to help you through challenges and keep your motivation high all year long.

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Advanced Body Imaging Technology

While the number on the scale can be motivating, it doesn’t tell the whole story about your health progress. At Coastal Medical and Vitality, we utilize cutting-edge imaging tools beyond your typical home scale to provide valuable body composition insights.

Our 3D body imaging machine is a popular choice for clients wanting to accurately track fat loss. As a client, you would stand on a pedestal and have your entire body scanned with a high resolution infrared imaging system. While you stand, the scanner will rotate around your body and measurements of your whole body will be taken.

This procedure is virtually pain-free and noninvasive.

  • Scan results help keep you motivated by visually showing where your efforts are paying off beyond the number on the scale.
  • Our friendly staff can explain your results and help translate raw data into actionable lifestyle tips.
  • Re-testing quarterly keeps you accountable and reveals subtle body recompositions over weeks and months that daily weigh-ins may miss.
  • Before and after comparisons are great for social media sharing to inspire your network too!

So whether you’re simply looking to optimize your nutrition and exercise or considering weight management options, take advantage of these high-tech assessments. The insights empower you to make long-lasting healthy changes from the inside out. Stop by our facility today to schedule your scan!

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Consider Weight Loss Medications and Semaglutide Treatment

While lifestyle changes are the foundation of lasting weight management, prescription medications can give your efforts an extra boost when used appropriately. After a thorough evaluation, our providers may recommend FDA-approved options shown to help some clients achieve even better results.

Phentermine remains one of the most commonly prescribed short-term appetite suppressants. By helping to control hunger cravings, it facilitates healthier eating and motivates during those initial challenging weeks of adjustment.

Liraglutide (Saxenda) is an injectable glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist that mimics the body’s natural hunger-regulating hormones. In clinical trials, patients experienced average weight losses of over 15% of their body weight when combined with reduced-calorie diets and exercise.

  • Semaglutide (Wegovy) is the newest GLP-1 on the market dosed once weekly for obesity. It drives even greater weight reductions of nearly 18% on average without changes to diet or physical activity.
  • Both Saxenda and Wegovy are well-tolerated options shown to improve blood sugar and cardiovascular risk factors beyond just pounds lost.
  • Our medical providers will work with you to determine if a prescription program is appropriate based on your health history and goals.
  • Insurance coverage varies, but most major carriers recognize the long-term cost-effectiveness of these treatments compared to obesity-related illnesses.

While pills or injections are never a magic bullet, they can give your commitment an important metabolic edge. When combined with lifestyle modifications and support, the results can be truly life-changing. Schedule your consultation today to see if prescription assistance may be right for you in 2023.

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Maintain Support through Our Programs and Community

While knowledge and motivation are important, true lasting change often requires the encouragement of others facing similar challenges. At Coastal Medical and Vitality, we understand that weight management is a journey best not taken alone. That’s why we’ve built an entire community dedicated to long-term success.

Our monthly accountability and support groups provide a welcoming space to share triumphs, seek advice for struggles, and stay inspired by others’ transformations. Led by our caring staff, these sessions offer both education and camaraderie.

  • Connect with others in real-time to problem-solve challenges together and learn from shared experiences.
  • Hear real client testimonials of what’s worked long-term to keep you envisioning your own success story.
  • Fun group fitness classes led by our trainers make working out more motivating and social each week.

Even if you can’t physically attend every meeting, our online community app allows 24/7 access to support. Post questions, get quick recipe ideas, or comment on others’ updates from anywhere. Whether you need an accountability partner or just a friendly ear, someone is always available to lift you.

Our caring providers are also just a phone or message away for any concerns between visits. Minor setbacks don’t have to derail your entire journey with the right guidance. Together, we’ll navigate obstacles and ensure you stay on track long-term.

Your health journey is a marathon, not a sprint. Let our team be your coaches every step of the way towards a lifetime of wellness. Once you have lost weight, we will continue with you on your journey to weight loss maintenance. Schedule a consultation today to begin your new future!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many times per week should I exercise to keep the weight off?

Most experts agree on a minimum of 150 minutes per week through fun activities like walking, dancing, swimming or strength training. Even breaking it up into 30-minute sessions daily works wonders. Find what you enjoy and keep it sustainable.

What is the best type of diet for long-term weight maintenance? 

It’s less about any one specific plan and more about developing healthy lifestyle habits. Focus on whole foods, balanced macros, adequate protein and steady meal times. Meet with one of our registered dietitians to customize an approach that nourishes your body and fits your lifestyle.

How do I stay motivated to stick to a plan over time?

Surround yourself with a supportive community through our monthly groups and wellness challenges. Celebrate both physical and mental victories equally to reap long-term rewards. Consistency may not always feel easy but is so worthwhile for your health. Our team is here for that extra boost on tough days. 

How can I handle weight fluctuations while maintaining overall progress?

Minor ups and downs are normal due to factors like water retention or time of the month. Focus on the long-term downward trend by averaging weekly weigh-ins. Body composition matters most, so consider other metrics too through our advanced imaging tools. Be kind yet committed to yourself through it all.

What is the most effective way to resist temptations like holidays and parties? 

Plan, have a strategy, but don’t deprive yourself completely either. Opt for smaller portions of indulgent foods and fill up on healthier options first. Stay active through activities you enjoy and remember that one event won’t derail all of your hard work. Back on track, the next day is what matters most.

Coastal Medical and Vitality is your trusted professional weight loss clinic, serving the areas in and around Stuart, Fl. It is our goal to work with our clients holistically, helping them achieve their goals by addressing physical fitness needs, medical needs, and necessary lifestyle changes. Our team of medical professionals are ready and waiting to help you achieve your individual weight loss goals, to help you become a happier, healthier you. Call our team today to begin your weight loss journey.

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