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Medical Weight Loss Is for More Than Just Holidays

Coastal Medical and Vitality knows that medical weight loss is for more than just holidays. Losing weight is a goal many pursue around the holidays, yet maintaining results proves challenging. We understand sustainable weight management requires more than fleeting diets or exercise plans. Our medical weight loss clinic in Stuart, FL provides a long-term, customized approach combining nutrition, fitness and prescription support. 

Rather than focus on quick fixes, we design individualized programs to address the underlying factors contributing to excess weight over the years. Our board-certified physicians and dietitians thoroughly evaluate each client’s medical history, lifestyle habits and objectives. A personalized plan is then created to help modify behaviours and achieve a healthy weight through balanced nutrition, regular activity and FDA-approved medications when appropriate.

To learn more about the services we offer, and to begin a program to a healthier weight and lifestyle, give our team of experts a call.

Why Consider Medical Weight Loss Year-Round

While the holidays may inspire a temporary weight loss plan, true transformation happens with consistent effort. At Coastal Medical and Vitality, we understand yo-yo dieting leads to frustration and is rarely effective long-term. That’s why our medical weight loss services provide an alternative approach focused on sustainable change.

Rather than see weight management as a seasonal chore, think of it as an ongoing investment in your health. When done properly through our customized programs, losing even 1-2 pounds per week adds up to significant results over months and years. Slow and steady truly wins this race!

Some other benefits of our year-round support include:

  • Developing healthy habits becomes second nature with time, helping keep weight off for good versus a “start-stop” mentality.
  • Our providers offer guidance and accountability to get through the inevitable plateaus and challenges that come with any lifestyle transition.
  • Prescription aids approved by our physicians, like semaglutide injections, are most effective when used consistently versus short-term.
  • Clients see improved biomarkers like blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar with gradual fat loss versus crash dieting, reducing disease risk long-term.
  • Maintaining motivation is easier when weight loss feels like a sustainable journey versus a temporary “diet.” Small victories keep you inspired along the way!

Does this sound more manageable than the pressure of rapid weight loss by a certain date? Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is always here to answer questions as you transition to healthier habits. We even offer ongoing body composition analysis to keep you motivated with real, measurable progress beyond just the number on the scale.

Interested in boosting your energy levels, self-esteem and overall wellness beyond the holidays? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start prioritizing your health with Coastal Medical and Vitality’s year-round medical weight loss support. You deserve to feel great at any time, not just during a few weeks out of the year.

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Prescription Weight Loss Medications

While lifestyle changes are crucial for sustainable weight management, prescription aids can provide the additional boost many need to achieve their goals. As a trusted medical weight loss provider, Coastal Medical and Vitality offers FDA-approved medications to help clients lose excess pounds safely and effectively.

Our board-certified physicians carefully evaluate whether a treatment plan including prescription support makes sense. Some common options prescribed include:

  • Phentermine: This stimulant suppresses appetite when combined with a reduced-calorie diet and exercise. Many report increased energy too.
  • Liraglutide (Saxenda): As an injectable GLP-1 analogue, it signals fullness to eat less and lose up to 1-2 pounds weekly when following the plan.
  • Ozempic (semaglutide): As a newer, more potent GLP-1 treatment, patients may lose 15% of body weight on average in clinical trials when adhering to lifestyle changes.

Many past clients have reaped life-changing benefits from adding a prescription temporarily to break through a weight loss plateau or jump start their journey. With the right medical supervision, medications allow your body to work with healthy changes versus against them.

Does the idea of prescription assistance intimidate you? Our friendly staff can explain how each works, address insurance coverage questions, and ensure proper usage. You’ll also receive close monitoring and support to achieve the best results safely. Schedule your consultation today. Coastal Medical and Vitality’s caring team will thoroughly review your health history and goals to develop the customized plan giving you the best chance at sustainable success. Your well-being and safety remain the top priority.

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Body Composition Analysis

When it comes to weight loss, the number on the scale isn’t always the full story. At Coastal Medical and Vitality, we utilize advanced 3D body imaging technology to gain valuable insights beyond pounds. This non-invasive procedure analyzes body fat percentage, water weight, muscle mass and more for a complete picture of your composition.

Rather than rely on estimates, the 3D imaging machine precisely tracks changes occurring inside the body. Did you know muscle is denser than fat? So while the number may not budge, inches could be shrinking and health improving!

Some key things the imaging assessment shows:

  • Breakdown of pounds lost as fat or muscle with different macronutrient needs
  • Visceral fat levels around organs linked to disease risk
  • Protein levels supporting muscle retention during weight reduction
  • How hydration and sodium intake impact the results

Clients appreciate this objective data. As one said, “It’s motivating to see fat loss over time rather than water weight fluctuations. This keeps me accountable beyond the number on the scale.”

Beyond initial evaluations, we recommend follow-ups every 4-6 weeks. Not only does this allow our providers to fine-tune support, but seeing compositional changes keeps clients inspired through their journey.

Interested in a complimentary body screening? Book yours during your initial consultation. Discover where your body stands today before starting a customized program. Then track progress over subsequent sessions for that “wow” factor motivating you to stick with healthy changes.

Your health and wellness deserve the most accurate picture. Contact Coastal Medical and Vitality now to demystify your composition with this state-of-the-art analysis and mapping of a successful path forward!

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Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling

While prescription aids provide valuable support, dietary and behaviour changes are truly the backbone of long-term weight management. At Coastal Medical and Vitality, our licensed nutritionists and behavioural therapists offer guidance tailored uniquely for you.

Whether your goal is 10 or 100 pounds, an individualized plan is created factoring in your likes, schedule, medical needs and more. Some highlights of our counselling:

  • Menu makeovers: Learn how to transform favourite recipes and dining habits for balanced, sustainable choices.
  • Grocery store tours: Get tips on easy swaps and how to “shop the perimeters” for whole foods.
  • Meal prep 101: Cooking and portioning strategies make healthy eating simple and convenient.
  • Dining out decisions: Guidance on ordering nutritious takeout or restaurant options.
  • Emotional eating triggers: Identify cues prompting overeating and substitute healthier coping mechanisms.
  • Stress management techniques: Relaxation tools help prevent stress-related cravings and support behaviour changes.

Beyond individual sessions, we offer group classes covering topics like intuitive eating, recipe demos, goal setting and more. Connecting with others boosts motivation as you learn from shared experiences.

Ready to reclaim your health one small step at a time? Our caring team makes lifestyle shifts feel approachable instead of overwhelming. Together, we’ll uncover what truly works best for your lifestyle to achieve your weight and wellness dreams.

Schedule a consultation today to begin personalizing your path towards a happier, healthier you through Coastal Medical and Vitality’s nutrition and behavior counseling.

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Committed to Long-Term Success

While fad diets promise quick fixes, we know sustainable change happens gradually with ongoing support. That’s why at Coastal Medical and Vitality, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach or abandoning clients after a few months.

Instead, our medical weight loss programs recognize each journey as unique, just like our clients. Whether you need to lose 20 or 200 pounds, we’re here for the long haul with:

  • Individualized follow-up visits beyond the first year allow adjustments to your plan as needs evolve.
  • Access to providers and nutritionists by phone, message or telehealth for advice between appointments to keep you on track.
  • Ongoing body composition analysis every 4-6 months to objectively track progress and motivation.
  • Monthly educational seminars, support groups and recipe demonstrations to learn from others’ experiences too.
  • Holiday survival strategies and tips for maintaining results during challenging times of year.
  • Celebrations of personal victories big or small to showcase progress and recognize efforts.

We understand weight loss isn’t always linear. Plateaus, travel and life happen. But together, we’ll overcome challenges through open communication and customized problem-solving.

Isn’t it refreshing to see a medical practice invested in truly empowering healthy changes versus a quick fix? Contact us today to experience the difference long-term success requires – ongoing guidance, resources and encouragement from professionals who care.

You deserve to maintain results for good. Let Coastal Medical and Vitality support you through every step of your health journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is weight loss surgery my only option for losing a significant amount of weight? 

Not at all! While surgery provides benefits for some, Coastal Medical and Vitality’s comprehensive programs produce sustainable weight loss for many through lifestyle and medical support. Our customized approach is very effective and safer than immediate surgery.

How much does the program cost and is it covered by insurance?

Program pricing varies depending on your personalized plan. Many major insurance providers cover all or part of nutritional counseling, body scans, and prescription aids with a doctor’s referral. We’ll verify your coverage and affordable payment options upfront.  

Can I still lose weight if I have a medical condition like diabetes or high blood pressure?

Absolutely! Our doctors tailor each plan to safely accommodate any pre-existing conditions. With medical supervision, prescription aids may even help control related health markers like blood sugar or cholesterol during weight reduction.

How quickly can I expect to see results on the program?

Most clients see an average of 1-2 pounds lost per week, though results vary. Our holistic lifestyle changes promote long-term fat loss rather than water weight. Sticking to your plan and follow-ups helps ensure steady progress toward achieving your goals.

What is involved in the initial consultation to get started?

Consultations involve an in-depth health assessment, body composition analysis, and discussion of your objectives. From there, we’ll design a personalized program to fit your needs and lifestyle for sustainable success. It’s a great first step to take control of your health!

Coastal Medical and Vitality prioritizes health and wellness from within. We want our clients to lose weight safely and keep it off for good. Whether you need to shed a few pounds or over 100, our experienced team is dedicated to helping residents of Stuart, FL and surrounding areas improve their health and confidence for life. Contact us today to learn more about how our medical weight loss services can help you succeed beyond just the holidays.

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