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What Does a Full Body Imaging Machine Scan Mean for Your Health Goals?

Having a full body imaging machine scan can be a game changer when it comes to creating or improving your health and wellness plan. A body imaging machine can gather accurate information about your body shape, measurements and more. Coastal Medical and Vitality knows how important it is for our clients to know all about their body composition, to make educational decisions on how to reach personal health goals. To learn more information about our full body scanner, reach out to our team today for help.

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What is 3D Body Scanning?

The human body is a complex and fascinating being. Attaining health goals like losing weight, gaining muscle and even changing posture can be difficult as one person’s body is different from others.

A 3D full body scan is the process of a client having their entire body scanned with a high resolution infrared imaging system. The person stands on a pedestal, with arms outstretched. The platform begins rotating and whole body measurements are taken. The entire process is non-invasive, pain free, and takes about half a minute to complete.

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What are the Benefits of Having a 3D Body Imaging Machine Scan?

The images and data taken from a scan is uploaded into a virtual platform for a client and professional to discuss. A scan collects data on weight, muscle mass, body fat percentage and more. This scan can truly tell you more than your run of the mill bathroom scale at home.

The 3D visual and platform allow clients and professionals to have an open discussion about the data present. The visuals act as a common language between the client and professional to discuss weight loss goals, personal training goals, caloric deficit goals and more.

Having this tool can help people see the beginning of their health journey, track progress as time progresses and make changes to goals in real time to ensure further healthy success.

Our Body Scanners Can Help Guide Your Health Journey

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You Have Received Your Body Measurements, Now What?

Now that the graphics and platform have shown exactly what your body composition is, you can use that information to move forward in your healthy journey.

Do you have weight loss goals? The scan will tell you how much excess fat you have. The experts at our clinic will help you to create a weight loss goal and a timeline to achieve it.

Are you looking to clean up your eating and want to explore a caloric deficit? Full body scans show excess weight, which can be greatly reduced through caloric deficit. Our experts can work with you to create a realistic caloric deficit to reach your weight loss goals and to drive your change in diet.

Is working out your main priority? Maybe you want to trim excess fat. Maybe you want to bulk up and increase your muscle mass. A scan can tell you where your baseline fat and muscle compositions are and your clinician can work with you on creating a work out plan to meet your goals.

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